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  • U-Fix
    High-quality single component, ready–to–use, multipurpose acrylic filler.Available in two types : Shore A 40 and Shore A 60.
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  • Unimix UW
    Cement base hydrophobic flexible crack filler and repair mortar
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  • Uniguard Power Mix
    Single component, water resistant cementitious acrylic-based putty, used for plaster and concrete repair, can give up to 5 mm thickness
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  • Uniguard SBR
    Ready-for-use aqueous dispersion of a styrene-butadiene copolymer and fee from Ammonia
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  • Uniguard Joint Filler
    High quality & ready to use filler as a skim coat or a jointing compound for gypsum boards
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  • Unimix L
    Single pack latex modified cement based self leveler for floor smoothing and preparation of uneven floors
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  • Unimix SF Filler
    100% solids levelling compound, single component, super fine Cementitious - acrylic mortar, can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. Has non-sagging properties and Ultra-smooth surface with zero shrinkage
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  • Drymix Render
    Cement mixture designed for repairing & smoothing of cast in-site concrete, lightweight concrete, fairface dense concrete, block work & brickwork. It can be used on exterior & interior surfaces to give a hard, smooth finish
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