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Concrete Repair (10 Products)

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    Unimix UW
    Uniguard UW is a cement base hydrophobic flexible crack filler and repair mortar. It can act as a grout for bricks and natural stone, suitable for wide joints up to 40 mm. The high abrasion resistance and the reduced water absorption characteristics make Unimix UW suitable for both of internal and external applications under severe conditions including prolonged water immersion.
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  • UNIMIX_GR_( 10 KG )
    Unimix GR Flow
    Non-Shrink cementitious grout, repair mortar, flowable or trowelable grout for gap thicknesses from 10 mm to 100 mm.
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  • Uniguard_Epoxy_Putty_Finn_10KG
    Epoxy Putty Fine
    A non-shrinking two-component solvent free epoxy putty. Suitable to properly level imperfections on concrete surfaces. It can be troweled on concrete substrates . It cures to a uniform smooth surface ready for over coating.
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  • UNIMIX_GR_PLUS_( 25 KG )
    Unimix GR Plus
    A cement ready-to-use product in powder form. Non-shrinkable, used as a high-stress cementitious grout for vertical and horizontal repair work. Flowable and trowelable grout for gap thickness from 15 mm to 100 mm
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  • UMIMIX_RM_%2825_KG%29
    Unimix RM
    Cementitious repair mortar with superior high build properties, vertical & Overhead
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    Unimix Render
    A ready made cement plaster designed for repairing and smoothing of cast in-site concrete, lightweight concrete, fair face dense concrete, block work and brickwork .It can be used on the exterior and Interior surfaces to give a hard and smooth finish. When applied by a trowel it provide a traditional antique look.
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    Unimix SF
    A single component, super fine Cementitious mortar, can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. Has non-sagging properties and Ultra-smooth surface with zero shrinkage
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    Unimix GR Ultra
    Flexible & pourable grout with superior adhesion to most substrates
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  • UNIGUARD_JOINT_Compound_Fine_5KG
    Uniguard Joint Compound Fine
    A high quality & ready to use filler as a skim coat or a jointing compound for gypsum boards
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  • Uniguard_Powe_Mix_White_15KG
    Uniguard Power Mix
    A high- quality non shrink cement repair mortar specially designed for leveling concrete and plaster surfaces. It can be used on internal concrete surfaces. It can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces without sagging. Easy to grind to get an extra smooth finish
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